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So the other day I had a short chat with a friend of mine in class. The talk started of when she ask me about one of my other friends relationship status. The chat when smooth.

Then suddenly she started talking about her sexuality & then we started sharing (& caring). We talked about the straight-s, bi-s, lesbi-s & gay-s. She shared some of her recent experience & she said she's now in a dilemma of confusion. Confusion of something I guest many others out there have or are going through it.

We live in a "world" which is very sensitive & conservative when it comes to sexuality.

So I told her, just be who you are & be proud of it. If you think it's right for you to share it with the "world" then its okay but if it's not, then just keep it a secret. After all everyone has secrets =)

No one can tell you who or what to be. Only you yourself can.
Sexuality, you decide.


  1. did u ask her to listen to gaga's new single? lol ;p

  2. seksualiti itu sesuatu yang hanya ditentukan oleh diri sendiri. bahkan, ia sendiri adalah ruang peribadi, bukan ruang awam, agama. negara dan entiti lain tidak berhak menentukan seksualiti seseorang individu.

    yang kita tentang adalah seksualiti yang mengikut-ikut. atas sebab cool, trendy dan lain-lain.

    bila sudah ketemu seksualiti diri, baru lah boleh claim sebagai seorang manusia. seksualiti itu sendiri berkait rapat dengan identiti dan kewujudan seseorang.


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