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Did someone told you that being a student was fun & easy? Well I had one. I totally agree on being a student ( I mean a Uni student) is fun, but hell it's not easy! 2 years & soon to end my 3rd year has been such a roller-coaster people!
Like know, currently I'm actually, oh no can't admit it but seriously I'm struggling to finish all my assignments on time, which by the way, the due date is all NEXT WEEK!! Should I just strangle myself?
Ok Ok. It all boils down to time management. Fine my time management hasn't been all that good, but I did plan, and I did not know my plans clash with all the other plans, which is my having to much plan is no good.
I feel I'm got so much to do but so little time!
I got a:
- Presentation tomorrow
- Tomorrow complete my Japanese essay
- Tomorrow study & memorise for my next Japanese lesson which is on Monday
- Friday translate my Japanese dialog
- Saturday memorise my Japanese dialog
- Sunday rest day
- Monday pass up my Japanese essay & learn a new Japanese lesson
- Tuesday present my 2nd speech in BM
- Wednesday present my Japanese dialog
- & all the days, trying to complete my thesis which is still hanging  in the air like a hot air balloon.


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