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I'm back.....sort of.....

My last post was 13 - 5 - 2011. It feels like so long. LOL.

I've left my little blog alone for so long. I'm so sorry *heart2heart session now*. LOL. Well no worries. Now I'm back with you. LOL.
Before I begin. Here's the list of words I would love to shout out loud on superb high mountain.

1) Shit
2) Bloody
3) Damn
4) Hell
5) Stupid
6) F#@K
7) A$%
8) Nuts

Alright. All the words above ARE NOT meant for SOMEONE, but it's currently my state of body and soul. I've go so many things to do *until my poor blog was left aside* till I'm going nuts. Don't talk about sleep since I'm hardly getting and the deadline is only next week *I don't want to present can ar?*. My stress level is unpredictable as well as my mood just like the weather.


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