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Nothing matters.....

Hye dearest...yeah you la...the one reading this post..just decided to call you dearest (with no feelings what so ever..hahaha)
Alright. Its been a few weeks since I've ended my studies. Basically what I'm doing these days are just simply eating, sleeping, driving, walking, eating, resting, then sleeping again. Not much shopping or traveling since I'm not a working adult yet. Yeah! still surviving on my monthly allowances which I hope I won't have too soon. 
Not that I wouldn't love too, but like all the wise people used to say "be more independent!". Well guest what?! I am trying to be independent la!.
The problem is I'm still waiting for people to CALL ME ON MY MOBILE PHONE! Why don't they call? Busy ke? Haha. Well, mustn't rush into it ya? Others I might just regret it. So crossing fingers hoping to land a good one, with BIG, FAT, $$$$$! Hahaha. Who doesn't right?
So that's a short post from your loving or hating blogger (which it …

Give A Little....

Well after much search I've done for this song, finally I know who sang it. Haha. Ya ya. I know I'm a little outdated but who cares right? Still heart this song! Its so wanna make my feet & hips move!!

HANSON - Give A Little