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Minty freshness.....

Hye perks. Well yesterday was a total leg breaking day. Was up since 7am and finally was laid to rest at 2am. Madness! What was I doing you might ask? I was busy moving from place to place. Firstly I made a visit to Monash, to help a friend out (nice campus very clean), then travelled to Ikea (which took me 1 hour ++ because I took the wrong road & had to make a huge round tour) for the not that great Meatballs for lunch, after that made a pit stop at 1 Utama (boring on weekdays) for movie & bowling & finally reached the finish line at Bangsar (parking there is a pain) for dinner & drink.

The whole day was out great, except during movie time at 1U.

Was expecting to have an enjoyable movie, but hell no I did not. Surprisingly, I think someone in the cinema might have just forgotten to brush their teeth? For the whole time, I had to suffer from the smell of someones breath which is totally not helping in making the movie a better experience. It was not just me who caught the smell, people beside me did too (because she sprayed some perfume

This makes me wonder, do people realise that their breath smells? I mean sometimes even we have bad breath days but we try to over come it by taking mints maybe or some mouth wash thingy.
I hope I don't encounter another experience of bad smells in a cinema..LOL..

Please carry some minty freshies around just in case a bad mouth situation crops up.  =)