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New phase....

Hye beautiful people all over the world. How has your day been like? Good? Bad? or Nothing much? Hehe. Well, whatever it is, hope it was just damn good.  =)
It has been a week I guest? So fast. So far so good. I've been taking it real good.
I've taken steps to forgive & forget.
So, I'll be moving into a new phase in life. I've received some pretty good news today. Hoping it'll last as long as possible.
To those I cherish, thank you for the support you girls & guys have given. Love ya!

A new me is to be born. The old me is to be thrown.

For you, thanks for the memories.  =)


  1. happy birthday to the new born u :)
    cheers :))

  2. hi there, i have just followed your blog..i hope you can follow me back..u have a nice blog here..
    i will be waiting for you on my blog...see u there..cheers

  3. Danny - hahah thanks!! I'm happy too!

    A. McV - thanks! sure will!


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