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"Tut"...the number you have dialled....

Alright. Hye to all the human in this world. Love you all so much. Am I going nuts? I guest so for having nothing to do for almost a month now.

You know the time when people would say, after you've completed your studies you should find a suitable job?
Well like all the others, I've been told that, and currently going through it. To all those who all still studying, STUDY DON'T PLAY PLAY!.

Actually, seriously it's kind of getting a little stressful for me now. Not having a job yet is so painful now. Its like everything is about money. Yeah seriously. You wouldn't wanna know what happen ya?

So lately there's been this pressure for me, like, to get a job real quickly.
Plus, there are some who sees me as, "Ala you got no job no money, so you can't go la." Those kind of attitude. Urghhh. Thanks for the morale support ya!


  1. try not to rush into getting jobs la.. find a suitable and the one that u like...
    u can do some part time while searching for the job ma..
    add oil ;)


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