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Hye people. While I'm writing this post, I'm currently in a state of pure mixed-up emotions. Recently there has been all sorts of things happening in my life. It has been a real challenge for me to go through it day by day from the time I'm up till the time I'm on my bed.
I've made many mistakes. I mean who doesn't right? We make mistakes and we learn from it so that we won't repeat it in the near future, but sometimes we are just human. We are not perfect souls as we wish to be.
Living a complicated life,causes people to less understand us, and increase their likeness to judge us of what we've done.
There are times, some people might blame me for my actions or let it easier be said, mistakes. They assume the action I took is always my fault, and my wrong doing. Sometimes I just wish they were in my shoes, feel what I'm feeling, look at what I'm seeing and hear what I'm hearing.
I do agree, sometimes my action are based on my emotions, and I shouldn't be acting that way, but I can't stop my self. It builds up inside me from time to time, and when there's a spark, it just catch fire. My actions are never meant to be negative, but its to improve what there is, and make it even more positive.
Assumptions are being made about me, from what I did and so on. There are times, the blame is always on me and I am always in the wrong of what I did. I admit there are times I am in the wrong, but there are times which I'm not but people still think I am.
Sometimes I'm just sounding the truth that's all, but still people get me wrong.
Its kinda stressful when people don't really understand what's going on behind the curtains.
Maybe I should just keep it all to myself and within myself.
There's the saying that goes "The world is a cruel place", but no matter how cruel, there's alway a place where kindness exsists.

-If only you were in my shoes-