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The black cat......

Hye to the world! Hows life going? Hope its all good. For me, its sure not at all.
Why do things happen? Opps.. Sorry I should be saying why do bad things happen? Is it karma or just plain ugly unwanted bad luck?? If its karma, well maybe I got to accept it. But if its just unwanted bad luck, then I'm really not liking it. So what's so bad you might ask? Hermm. lets see. Well for a start, since Jan it hasn't been quite good for me. Had probs with my supervisor and suff. Then had issues with "the love" and finally "ended the love". Then there was trips being canceled. Spending too much money (for this I'm not quite sure how its bad..hahaha but it is..). Then lately I guess the badness really hit me. My car was broken in, beg was stolen. Beg of clothes that is! Come on for christ sake! Why would you want to steal a beg of clothes? (maybe he thought it was a laptop?). But the person who did the stealing was hell of a specialist. There wasn't a single scratch on the car, just the key hole busted. So that was it. So I thought. Then yesterday, hahaha, guess what? My car was towed away by the freaking MPS! The best part was, there wasn't any notice given. I was fined 250$$. But obviously I'm not going to just pay the $$ like that. So had a small talk which turn into big then small again with the MPS officers. Oh ya, btw, I was't the only unlucky person. There were at least 10 more. So we tried to fight for our rights, but as usual, the govt always has the power to do what they freaking like. (I won't go into detail what happen ya, its kinda violent..haha) (the plot - MPS and MDEC is to be blamed)

I can truly and utterly can't believe all this is happening at this time. Ooo dear karma please turn good.


  1. dun worry .. the good ones are on the way :)
    cheers :))


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