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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,......

Good day dear gorgeous people! Sorry I'm not sure why do I have tto start my post with the "hi" and "hye" all the time. Haha. So lets do some sharing. Being in this world for 23 years, has really thought me much and I'm still learning, not stopping anytime soon of coz. I've learned to roll, crawl, walk, and run since I was such a cutie until I turn handsome. Hahaha. So, I've been hurt, happy, sad, bored and so much more. How has all of this affected me you ask? Well, what's for sure, I've never taken risk. I mean I do, but not those major risk. I don't jump into a sea of sharks without my cage. But, now, its the other way round. Who needs cages right? I'm just gonna jump in there, get what I want and be gone with it. Come on. Life is short! We got to be happy and enjoy it! So I'm gonna enjoy life. So must you!

Lets go diving!