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Ello people. I'm officially 2 weeks into my new job. So far has been good, but that's for now I guess. Haha. Lately had a sudden feel which I bet not many people would like to have it. Feel of everything is on your own, meaning no one beside you like usually. I guess that feeling does comes once in awhile. Can't escape it right? A friend once told me that, "Once you start work, everything will fall into place slowly, & you'll feel much better". Honestly the words are true. Things are getting better day by day, enjoying the more silent part of my life, having more time for myself and family. Plus work, is fun day by day too. Earning the bucks, planning my grand trip, things to get, people to belanja. Haha.
Haish. Well, that's life in the fast lane. Actually should make it FAB-lane. Yeah!

The second I heard this song, it was like, "Theme Song people!!". Hahaha