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Plan je.....

Seriously I'm very good at planning something. Not bangga diri la, but planning like holidays and other stuff la. Haha. Ok back to the topic. Alright as I said I'm very good at planning, but i'm also very good making sure they don't happen as planned. Haha. It means, what I've planned, always TAK JADI WAN!! Why la? Sometimes it really gets me so frustrated to do any planning at all. Most of the time, its not me who make it TAK JADI but its others. Well can't blame other people too, everyone has their own priority.
Anyway, this won't stop me from continuing to plan things. Its quite funny, but actually I love to do planning for no reason. Maybe I've should gotten a job that requires me to do lots of planning instead. Haha.
So lets plan plan, and hope someday what I plan will work out.  =)


  1. its great to plan .. but its also good to plan a 'plan b' when things got different :)


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