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Talk about loosing it.....

Hye to all the pretty and handsome ones if you think you are. Hahaha. So today I was reading the paper like always, then suddenly something really caught my eyes and brain. I'm sure many of might have read it too somewhere I guess, but I can't resist sharing this news with you guys. Hahah. Read below

"A HIGHLY educated couple, in their 30s from Hubei, China, thought that the wife would get pregnant by sleeping on the same bed, Sin Chew Daily reported.
Prior to their marriage, the couple did not dare hold hands and kiss as they thought the woman would get pregnant by doing so, reported a China newspaper Chu Tian Jin Bao.
However, the couple decided to seek medical advice after the wife, who holds a masters degree, could not conceive.
They have been married for three years.
The doctor was shocked to learn about their “sex life”.
The husband, who has a doctoral degree, said they were too focused on their studies." from The Star.

Talk about loosing your "V" for the first time. Haha.