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Have you suddenly had the feeling that you just don't want to think about it, and just let anything and everything that wants to happen let it happen? I'm going through it and honestly it kind of sucks, but well.

I'm just tired already.


Hye guys. I'm so slow in updating, but well. Okays. So what will todays story be about? Lets see. Lets talk about people having the courtesy and respect for others. Maybe some people should actually have a little respect for others when it comes to making certain decisions when it involves the person who needs the respect. Don't just go making decisions for your self and not seeking views from others. Secondly, have the courtesy to ask the other person if its okay to do something 1st, and not just going all out on your own. If it involves others, seek their view too.
I'm actually kind of pissed off. If I knew this was going to happen, I might have just not agreed to it. But because I was being respectful I did.


Well, I've voice what I wanted. Lets see what happens next.
But this song is for you. Enjoy it! Smoke your life to death....(is it harsh? ooopsss)

Hye people. It has been a tiring day for me. How was it for you? Which made me do some serious thinking too.
Sometimes I wonder, how did my life ended up like this? I mean my life is kinda good now, but the other part of life. What have I did wrong? Although I maybe did not, but I still wonder sometimes. There comes a time in our life, when we start to sit back, think and wonder to ourself. What is the future going to be like? I always tell people, "don't think too much, just go with flow, what comes let it come, what goes let it go", but why I can't seem to follow my own advice? I always tell people to let go of the past, but why me myself I can't do that? I'm holding on to it tightly for no reason.
Sometimes I wish I had a place where I can go to, release all my sadness, my tears, my pain, my sorrow, and come back with a new life and spirit.
The people that I need the most are not here, but somewhere far. Whenever there's a problem, I could run to them,…

Story 1....

Hye are you busy?
Not really, why?
Can't just say Hi?
Can, I didn't say you can't.
I miss you.
What, you do? lol, why?
Nothing just my feelings for you are still there.
Oh I see, well look at that.
How is your life?
Good, thanks for ruining it at 1st, but not its pretty good.
I know I did wrong and all.
Oh no, you did not.
Ok ok it was my fault.
Now only you realise it?
Are you single?
Well even if I'm not why would you want to now?
I'm single.
Oh good for you, but why, you should go out and find a few.
Nah not for me, I'm not interested, besides I got you.
Haha what makes you think that?
I really miss you.
Oh really? well good for you.
I'm not with anyone right now you know.
Well good for you again.
What you're doing? Nothing just FB-ing.
Me too.
Nice, I see you've added quite a number of unknown people.
Yeah they are just people I've known.
Oooo, even from Mexico you knew them? thats great.
I'm just adding them for fun.
Really, for "…

What you want to be? .......

Hye. Hi. How are you? I'm fine thank you. What you doing now? Working. Working where? On this planet. What company? Get Lost Sdn Bhd. Wah must be a good company. Not bad la, I get to sleep the whole day. You sure being paid very high right? Well, they are paying me money la. So where are you staying now? Taman Putra Timbaktu. So how is work? Very nice, I get to play Wii all day long. Wow! I'm so jealous of you! Well, don't be la, you're just unlucky la. Can get me into you company? Sure can, you go and sell your soul 1st then you can join the company.

- this post has nothing to do with the living or the dead.

1 month.....

Hye taco taco.
Looks like I've been working for a month now! Yes its officially my 1st month at my new work place. Only God knows how long I'll be here. Haha. It has been a nice 1 month. Not great yet. Just warming up to stuff and all. The heat has not arrived yet. Haha. All I can say is, the whole 1 month here has been freaking cold because of the air-cond. I guess the temp is always 16c from morning till night. If you've those winter clothes you want to show off, here's good for you. Hahaha. Can't wait what's installed for my next coming days in this company. Hope its exciting and fun! Till then....

Its all going smoothly....

Hye dearies. How are things going on? Currently while I'm typing for this post, I'm wrapped up in thick clothes because the air-cond is darn bloody cold and its making me so sleepy.
So, some updates. So far everything has been going very smooth. Work wise that is. Life wise, is going smooth too. Slowly getting back to my previous way of living that is. Haha. But there's always some thorn which is always pricking my finger sometimes. But luckily I'm not like Sleeping Beauty who gets prick and straight fall into a deep sleep and don't know how to wake up while waiting for true loves kiss. Although the kiss part might be good. Hahahaha. Anyways, missing my student life like a lot lot. My friends and all. The fun and crazy stuff.
Updates, thinking of getting a new car by year end, but it all has to go on pause mode until next year. Lots to do with the $$$.
So will just wait and see what happens next ya. XOXO.