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Hye people. It has been a tiring day for me. How was it for you? Which made me do some serious thinking too.
Sometimes I wonder, how did my life ended up like this? I mean my life is kinda good now, but the other part of life. What have I did wrong? Although I maybe did not, but I still wonder sometimes. There comes a time in our life, when we start to sit back, think and wonder to ourself. What is the future going to be like? I always tell people, "don't think too much, just go with flow, what comes let it come, what goes let it go", but why I can't seem to follow my own advice? I always tell people to let go of the past, but why me myself I can't do that? I'm holding on to it tightly for no reason.
Sometimes I wish I had a place where I can go to, release all my sadness, my tears, my pain, my sorrow, and come back with a new life and spirit.
The people that I need the most are not here, but somewhere far. Whenever there's a problem, I could run to them, they would be my comfort zone. But now, seems everything has change, because life around us changes.
Today is really my b-day and d-day. I've actually never felt so down after such a long time. Hope a goodnight sleep will help make things better tomorrow.

Just gonna be silent from now on. Won't say much.