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Its all going smoothly....

Hye dearies. How are things going on? Currently while I'm typing for this post, I'm wrapped up in thick clothes because the air-cond is darn bloody cold and its making me so sleepy.
So, some updates. So far everything has been going very smooth. Work wise that is. Life wise, is going smooth too. Slowly getting back to my previous way of living that is. Haha. But there's always some thorn which is always pricking my finger sometimes. But luckily I'm not like Sleeping Beauty who gets prick and straight fall into a deep sleep and don't know how to wake up while waiting for true loves kiss. Although the kiss part might be good. Hahahaha. Anyways, missing my student life like a lot lot. My friends and all. The fun and crazy stuff.
Updates, thinking of getting a new car by year end, but it all has to go on pause mode until next year. Lots to do with the $$$.
So will just wait and see what happens next ya. XOXO.


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