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Story 1....

Hye are you busy?
Not really, why?
Can't just say Hi?
Can, I didn't say you can't.
I miss you.
What, you do? lol, why?
Nothing just my feelings for you are still there.
Oh I see, well look at that.
How is your life?
Good, thanks for ruining it at 1st, but not its pretty good.
I know I did wrong and all.
Oh no, you did not.
Ok ok it was my fault.
Now only you realise it?
Are you single?
Well even if I'm not why would you want to now?
I'm single.
Oh good for you, but why, you should go out and find a few.
Nah not for me, I'm not interested, besides I got you.
Haha what makes you think that?
I really miss you.
Oh really? well good for you.
I'm not with anyone right now you know.
Well good for you again.
What you're doing? Nothing just FB-ing.
Me too.
Nice, I see you've added quite a number of unknown people.
Yeah they are just people I've known.
Oooo, even from Mexico you knew them? thats great.
I'm just adding them for fun.
Really, for "fun" huh.
Ok I got to go.
Ok, miss you take care.
Yeah, bye.

p.s. - life can be a real pain in the @$$. don't let people take you for granted. you can always do better then them.