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Hye guys. I'm so slow in updating, but well. Okays. So what will todays story be about? Lets see. Lets talk about people having the courtesy and respect for others. Maybe some people should actually have a little respect for others when it comes to making certain decisions when it involves the person who needs the respect. Don't just go making decisions for your self and not seeking views from others. Secondly, have the courtesy to ask the other person if its okay to do something 1st, and not just going all out on your own. If it involves others, seek their view too.
I'm actually kind of pissed off. If I knew this was going to happen, I might have just not agreed to it. But because I was being respectful I did.


  1. hmm .. hv u tried to talk to that person .. maybe just giving some hint to them ?

  2. actually, i just voiced my opinion straight to the point.. :)


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