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Everywhere and everyday there's problem, but it's how you face it and fix it.
Don't question me if I've never or ever been through the worse or best, because I have.
Running away doesn't solve anything at all.

From long to short....snip snip

So I had a hair cut. I decided to go for something cooling. Something where I can feel the breeze gliding through my skin. Told the stylist, "I want something short, but stylo, keep the top long a little but sides short". So the stylist did just that. thought to myself, "hurmmm not bad ok, so macho now..hahaha".

The results,

Mum: Why you cut like that? Aiyo!
Dad: So short. Why?
Bro: Haha. Ok la.
Sis: (didn't interview her that time)

Friends (the most honest people, but in this situation I wish they weren't):
> AD!! You look to "jinjang" now. 
> AD!! Why so short not vogue anymore!
> AD!! You hair longer got fringe better la!
> AD!! You look so macho (love that comment..ahaha)
> AD!!! (the only thing was, laughsssss)

So now, I'm having regrets for cutting my hair short. It's was like from (example only) 10" to 2". Damn! But I'm so lucky to have fast growing hair. LOL. (kinda hate it coz I can't colour much …

Harimau Muda !!!

Seriously, I've never been a fan of M'sia's football team. But last, I became one of their most loyal fan!! .."imagine me in hitam kuning with strips on my face also".. Seriously Team Malaysia aka Harimau Muda aka Harimau Malaya aka Harimau Malaysia, you guys were awesome!! .."almost had a heart attack last night..fuh!".. Congratzzzz!! Proud to be Malaysian!

"Down Garuda, you've been tame by the Tigers"