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Eve of the Eve...

Its the Eve of the Eve of Christmas. Happy Holidays people! After 4 years, finally another get together. =)

ITs bling bling...bling-ing

Hye love-birds or solo-birds or what ever birds. How's the day like? Well mine sure ain't that good for reason I wouldn't know that's for sure. LoL.

So recently, I've got an early Christmas gift (its more of a gift from a blogger which I almost had the correct answer for his competion) from a person who really knows how to make your day. He's a blogger too (just fyi). You can find him here "CLICK ME"

Its all about "Okay"

I love myself & I love my job (trying to be more positive ++). I love the world (living more positive ++..hehe). 2011's about to end. Gosh its been so damn fast. Seriously, 2011, wasn't a good year, or maybe I can say 60% wasn't that good la. (stop here...won't go blasting about resolution stuff & bla bla bla).

Back to topic, the word "okay" can be so powerful. Sometimes I do say it all the time, & in the end, its not good. But today I'm going to say it loud & proud "OKAY".
Finally, I've known what the world (aka people around me) is. So easiest to say is "Okay" =).
Its a good thing to know, so that I know la. Hehe.
Well, looks like, we all got issues. Hurray!

So its Friday today, lets enjoy the day. Hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

All sorts la

Seriously, there are macam-macam people out there. Nice, friendly, funny, crazy, handsome, pretty, stupid, smart, and so much more. Sometimes trying to figure out all this people, can be such a headache and a pain in the @$$!. But well,  not choice kan? What to do? Just need to suck it up, and swallow it all down. Cisss..

Its been 6 months already at my new job. Thinking of a change, but friends are telling me to stay on 1st until the time is better. Well, maybe its true.

Bongsu aka Youngest

I think it's stigma thingy. Whenever someone ask me, "So you're the what child in the family?" answer "Youngest". The first reaction I get from those people are, " wonder". Seriously, what's so "no wonder"????? Aiyo...gua punye kepala mula la pening seh nak pikir mcm2 nih... People thing being the youngest is always like, "wah youngest so lucky la...honestly la, sometimes la, but not always pe"....

A statement from me: Being the youngest doesn't mean you get what the hell you want ok. Grow up! (telling myself la)

Let it burn!

Seriously, I just love this song so darn much! I've been listening to it at least 5 times a day (but I still can't remember the lyrics..hahaha). It's so deeppppp....

New Year's Eve

So everyone is planning for new year's eve. Why am I not planning yet? Well I did, but canceled everything, since its so unpredictable to plan early. So I'm just gonna have it in KL with some friends, maybe gila-gila abit. No X-tra crazy new year countdown. Last year I missed out, so this year is pay back..hahaha

What are your new year plans? Share skit-skit la..hehe

What am I turning into?

No, I'm not becoming Jacob or Andrew (is his name correct??). I'm turning into a quite a social-person. It's not I wasn't a social person before, but only lately I've been extra friendly. Hahaha. Kinda scary of myself too when I think about it. But well, maybe it's a good change for me. But hope I don't go overboard. Hahahaha.
Maybe I'm turning into a butterfly! "flap flap flap" don't break my wings ya.