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31 December 2012

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1....Happy New Year!!! *grab some stranger and kiss on the lips*

So its new years eve. Gosh so fast! I've yet to even finish my cup of warm Milo.

Anyways, Saturday's birthday party was a blast. It was truly fun and red like literally since the theme was red as well. It was at PNB Darby Park and the place was awesome plus the room was lovely. A great place to have a celebration or maybe just to escape your own bedroom for a night or two. Thanks a lot for inviting me. It was a great night. And, finally I wore the blue jeans I bought like months ago. Didn't have the to courage to wear it until that night.

So, have you completed all your resolutions this year? Well, I could say I sort of and not. The YES' and NOs were:
1 - Having my 1st solo trip overseas [YES]
2 - Having at least 3 holidays trips  [YES]
3 - Increasing my savings  [NO]
4 - Getting a new job  [YES]
5 - Finding a person  [NO]
6 - Achieving the ultimate waist size  [YES]
7 - Forgiving other…

Friday. 2012.

A precaution. If your little thingy is too stiff due to you being all excited and high, be careful when playing around. Did you know that it can actually break and you might bleed to death?  - Word of advise

So everyone is talking about "Oh its the last Friday of 2012". So next Monday would be "Oh its the last Monday of 2012". Doesn't really make sense does it?

I have a thing for people who speaks with a British accent. I find it more appealing then a person who speaks with an American accent. Not sure why, but I just find it interesting if an Asian speaks that way. But as long that person speaks that way because it comes naturally and not forced like certain ones which in the end sounds like a chicken trying to quack. But Manglish is also nice. More casually.

Still cracking my head on what to get as a gift for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Walked around Isetan and couldn't really make up my mind other then maybe a T. Maybe I'll throw an underwear a…

Steam or Sauna

Can't button. Shit! Suck it in! Ok can button. Cannot breathe! Practice. Okay. God so tight! Get a bigger size. No! - True story

3rd day of Christmas. So what has your true love given you? I guess even true love won't give you 12 days worth presents. For all those single ones, don't fret. Join the club. Lets hit the street!

So the other day, one of the days, I was at the gym. As usual, normally, after some sweat and workouts I would straight hit the shower, but for that day, decided to get some steam bath. Its a once a week thingy for me, so that was the day of the week that I chose. Anyway, I don't quite like to bake myself in the sauna room. Too hot and just a no no for me. Ok back to the story. Was in the steam room alone, enjoying my moment, sitting down at my usual spot, relaxing, feeling the warm vapor on my body, face and all the other parts. Suddenly, 3 guys came in. Not sure what race nor how they look like since I didn't bother and with my eyes closed loo…

Merry Christmas!!

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells.............
It's Christmas again and it has been quite a wet and dry one so far. A very Merry Christmas to you, your other half, your family, your enemy, your friend, you whatever...Have a jolly awesome Christmas!!

Source: via AD on Pinterest

Moved into Christmas day with Les Miserables at midnight on the eve, while spending the whole day today at my sis, spending time with my ever so adorable nephew.

Go continue with the hams, wine, nuts, salads, fruit cakes, and whatever you can stuff your face it!

21 December 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10......tiring la

Wait. Is that the sun? Beautiful sunny morning. I'm still alive!

Ok. Here's the thing. Honestly, sincerely, its a little sad and a little pain in the ass. So be it. So much for all sorts of words. Cheers. (nothing to do with the living or dead)

Is there a way I can stop my self from drinking coffee? Such an addiction! Even Milo if possible. Plus chocolates.

I'm so freaking lazy. So F-ingly, utterly, idiotically, plainly lazy. Its only me and the intern here.

So far the world hasn't ended. Which was suppose to be today. Did you stock up on some food?

Planning to get a massage session but not sure I'll have time during the weekend. Need to crack those bones a little.

Friends birthday/Christmas party's coming up soon. Haven't thought on what to get yet. G-strings?

Time to continue doing nothing at work. Lets surf the web baby!

Source: via AD on Pinterest

So it goes like this

Ring ring ring. Who's there? @#$#%& here. Who's that? !@#$%$&. Sorry wrong number.

Have I been so lazy or busy until I've not had the time to update my blog? I would say lazy. How not to be? Everyday I wake up and leave the house without seeing sunrise. Everyday I return home without seeing sunset. So that's why I'm lazy.

New job have been good so far. It has been 9 days since my 1st day. Nothing much to do, but its starting to pick up pace now. Office folks, but quite ok. Met a great intern and a guy from another dept or team. My team, well they are ok. Nothing much about current working life, its breakfast, work, lunch, work, gym, dinner, home. A daily routine which can be a little boring at times.

Skipping the boring stuff, finally I'm an uncle! Its just exciting. Don't even think about saying I'm old!! Kind of pity my sis who was in labour for 28 hours, but finally she made it thru. My nephew is 8 days old today and he is cutest baby I'v…

Alien riding a horse

It's a pleasure for what has been asked, but honey, you can't have the best of both worlds at a single time. It's not the right way to go and you've just landed in a hot pot of honey.

How great it's a public holiday. I get to sleep more, which I'm not sure, I haven't even slept like a lot.

So, yesterday was my first day. How was it? How did it go? Oh well. Two words. Culture shock! Yes. I am suffering from it at the moment. It's like a whole new environment. Yeah I'm trying to adjust my self which I think should take from a couple of days to weeks. Lets hope I can handle it and get things going soon. Boredom is almost killing me yesterday but I survived it. Haven't met all of the team from the department since it's pretty big. Hope to get to know all of them and socialise. That was what I was told to do. So I shall.

In a world of one's own.

All I want for Christmas is.....

Thou shall be good. Thou shall do good. I shall be awesome.

It's December baby. How bloody fast. Yeah I'm on holiday now but ain't that great. It seems I'm not really resting instead busy doing stuff.

Had lunch with my ex colleagues today. Now they are my ex? I almost forgot about it but luckily one of them text me if not I'll just drift away into wonderland. Kind of miss them like a lot. Its been so fun and the newbies, we started to bond but it was too soon. But all the best to them in the future.

Two days since my last day and its pretty boring. Nothing much to do. Can't wait to start at my new place. I just can't sit and do nothing. It kills like so much! Wonder how will do office be? Any awesome people? Hope there is.

Got another hair cut. Hurray! Are you excited? Maybe you're not. Got a new style. Finally after so long, but it was by another stylist. He got it right this time. It's short like super short at the sides, and the top is long, pull…

Strip it down

Boy: Mom is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Mom: Who told you that? Boy: I read it in a nursery rhyme book. Mom: Try Wikipedia 1st then come and ask me about it. 

Many folks don't believe it when I said I was a chubby kid back then weighing more then 40kg during my year 6 and Form 1 days. Later on increasing to almost 70kg I guess in my Form 5 period, finally dropping to the weight I am now. Of cos it wasn't an easy task to reduce and maintain but its something I'm proud of. Not just about looking good, but feeling better as well.

So, recently bought a couple of shorts. A mustard coloured cotton shorts and a rusty red 30% cotton shorts. Plus a black sweat shorts as well. Most of the shorts I get hardly go way below the knee length. Its either just nice or maybe just a slight higher. The shortest I've got is the one from Bangkok, which if I sat, it goes way above half of my thigh. Now that's short! But I've never gotten anything, short shor…

Cocoa cappuccino

I'm like a cup of hot cocoa capp rich in mocha and also coffee. Sip it while it's hot although having it iced is also good. Top it with some chocolate powder or maybe some lovely caramel toffee. Enjoy it on a cold rainy night with a few almond cookies on the side. 

Another 4 days, working days that is, and I'll be leaving this place. Its been a year and 4 months exactly that I've been here. I joined on the 4th and I'll be leaving on the 4th. Now only did I realise, everything seems to be on the 4th or something to do with the number 4.  Even my birthday is on the 4th. Chinese will say "Not good number arrrr". Maybe my lucky number is 4? Who knows. But seriously, everything is 4.

Had my farewell lunch today, thanks to them. The funniest part was that they actually asked me what I wanted to eat instead of them making the decision. Which made me laugh and telling them anything will do. Not fussy. If I were to decide, they definitely would think twice I guess…

Just say 1 2 3

Walk walk walk down the street. Take a look back wanting to take a hit. Hands in my pocket trying to get some heat. Wondering to my self why does one cheat.

I'm officially bored in the office. Like so bored, I've been doing my filing since last week and I've completed all of it. Now I've got nothing much to do other then reading some online stuff and nothing else that can really interest me at all.

Anyway manage to sign up for a new gym membership. I mean its not really manage since anyone can sign up for it, but just did so, since its next to my soon to be work place, and to avoid the evening traffic back home, hitting the gym would be the best idea. Couldn't really negotiate for a great price since the sales girl was very "honest with her work", plus the manager couldn't be crack as well. So had to settle for what I was given. But at least I got it at a student rate. How awesome?! Lets hope there aren't that many people on weekdays.

Ok I've …

Rambling of the mind

Riding the waves with those blue beach shorts. Falling from grace with hopes of only being safe. Fighting the wind with glasses of tequila shots. Waking up to words which leaves you in a hopeless state.

As the saying goes, what you eat, is what you are or what you say, is who you are. Always be your self in whatever situation or moment. Why be someone else when you can be your self? Never take others for granted and be nice. End a conversation on a memorable note for impressions last forever. Being a honey bee isn't bad but remember to kick it back at times. Always put on a smile because its the toughest skill that anyone can learn.

Robbie Williams performing Eternity

p.s. - Isn't this song full of emotions?


Before I could forgive, I've forgotten. Is it a bad thing or a good thing?

What a hectic week. Ok not exactly hectic but tiring. So last week work for 3 days but how can it be so tiring? Well imagine. Tuesday outing. Thursday outing. Saturday outing. Sunday outing. I'm so drained dead.

Anyway had a great time yesterday. Morning till almost evening, had a company event at Sunway Lagoon. The bad side of the event was, I DID NOT GET A single lucky draw prize. Am I just unlucky or plain unlucky? Missed out on two draws by a digit. Darn it! But at least I enjoyed my time in the park. Went onto all the rides may it be wet or dry. All rides except the river thingy. The water looks scary. Greeeeeen! Did some 'eye washing' as well. How could you not right? You're in a water park for PSY sake.

Then in evening, visited my cousin's wedding registration dinner at Cinnamon Coffee House in One World. The food was good since it was buffet but the sushi/sashimi wasn't fresh…

So they say

Seriousness is always an issue with nothing can be done. If you're only up for a child's play then pick up your shoes and move out of the way.

Almost 2 weeks been having the eye sickness off and on. A single rub, leads to a swollen eye which is not only red but watery. A very serious situation going on? Hope not. More rest for they eyes should do the trick I hope.

A week filled with PH isn't all that fun if you can't take 3 days off and have the whole week off. Hope it isn't too late to wish Happy Deepavali to all those out there, which I'm guessing its quite late.

Anyway managed to catch Skyfall yesterday. Hurray I've watched it, but I'm no movie maniac so it was good. I find the movie good, but its not the usual Bond type with those action scenes and all. I mean, if you've read about the movie before watching it, then you'll be able to manage your expectation. But doesn't Daniel Craig looks so old and tired in the movie?

Gosh! Finally foun…

Sunday smunchday

No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I'm on the right track baby, I was born to survive....rocking to a song suddenly

Oh lord why is it Sunday so fast?? Why oh why? Anyway it has been a good week not great but good. Another 4 weeks to go before I zoom into another scope of life.

Nothing much happen. It seems like my life is getting more boring. Guess I'm getting lazy that's the reason. Prefer to do a coffee session with dinner or lunch before that. So yesterday had another catch up session with my bestie and he never fails to keep me laughing loudly wherever we are. p.s. - that Twitter person looks much better in person la!

Today, while I was so deeply sleeping, dreaming about the most amazing stuff, my phone rang! Darn it. But it was from my sis. Well, she invited for an outing to hunt for more baby stuff. Oh well why not. Its my nephew! So got up, it was around 11.30 something, freshen up and headed out. Arrived at OU, had my lunch then met her. As…

Have you ever

Is the world round or is it square which we thing it's round? We keep waking in the morning only to find the earth spinning in the same direction without stopping for a second 

Blinking your eyes in the morning sun like there's no tomorrow,
Have you ever wondered how did you appear in this wide world?
Walking down the street passing the preying eyes of those homo-sapiens,
Have you ever felt like someone is watching your every move from every step?
Dancing to the beat of the funk music with happy juice in your left hand,
Have you ever sunk into sadness and darkness with no where to run?
Running for you life to reach the end of the line to become the sole champion,
Have you ever had the thought of just giving up on something you just can't do?
Laughing at the jokes that your family makes gives you the most joy in return,
Have you ever thought what if loosing one of them will ever make you feel?
Looking at the stars at night making a wish for a dream come true,
Have you …


I gotta shake if off, coz the loving ain't the same, and you keep on playing games, gotta do what's best for me, and I gotta shake it off

Happy Sunday night folks. How has the Sunday been? Hope it's good! :) Almost 12 hours been out of the house with food, fun and laughter. Had a day out with my bestie of the best and it never fails to make me feel awesome at the end of the day. Every time we meet, the second we do meet, its none stop laughter and talking! Also, finally, I've managed to catch a movie! It was Frankenweenie! A Tim Burton movie that never fails to keep me filled. Been a big fan of his movies since Edward Scissors Hand and Frankenweenie was another good one. Tiring but awesome day. :) Oh ya. Mid Valley was pack to the brim today. Could be due to the PC fair thingy.

So lets talk about food. Have you ever had like a foodgasm situation where you just love to eat and each time you're done you get so high? Well not literally. But it gives you a sense of hap…

November baby

Just done listening to Ailee's mini album Invitation. Gonna loop it for another 50 times. I'm so gonna be her fan. That's for sure.
Booooooo! Dancing to the beat of MJ's Thriller!! Happy Halloween folks. Did you trick or treat?

Omaigut! Its November already. Its just bloody fast! Why is the world spinning faster? 2012?? Oh no! Ok enough with the drama and stuff. Back to reality. Ok its November. So? Its just a month, soon it'll be December, then 2013, and I'm going to add another year to my age. Can't believe once you've past the 21 mark, everything seems to come gushing in so fast. Even your age. I must soak my self in milk like what Queen Ravenna did. No wonder she looks so young, other then using her magic.
Oh well. So its going to be a tough month now. Lots to settle, briefing, handovers and etc. I hate handovers especially when you get those who just don't take enough initiative to study something before advising them. But I've got to maint…

Hot shot or cold as ice?

Currently spinning on my ear phones are Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi while tugging to the tunes of "It's Like That"

It was a weekend of catch up time with a friend or two and I just totally F-ingly dislike Mondays. Almost took MC today, but since I wanted to leave with a good reputation, so I just thru that idea out the window. Goodie me. Gotta keep this up till the end of November. Oh help me so would ya?

Anyway, which would you choose. A super hot cup of coffee or a blistering iced cold mocha? But remember, the coffee could get you burned and left with a scar while the mocha maybe be cold to the touch but will eventually warm up. So which? Or you would you just go for a room temperature glass of water?

Head over heels for Ailee!

Ailee performing I Will Show You


Walking with a bucket of water. Dip the cloth in it. Squeeze the cloth. Wipe hands with the cloth. Spread the  cloth open. Wipe the surface of my blog with the cloth. Done.

Ok. 1st, this is the 500th post!! Gosh I didn't know I've been crapping so much bull dunk since 08. Hahaha.

2nd, I think I got to find a sugar dad or mom for like a couple of months. Haha. Just joking. But seriously, if any volunteers please don't hesitate. =p Anyway, this month been spending like lots on stuff like shirts, shoes, pants and others. Reason? Because of the new job. For over a year plus been wearing nothing but jeans and Ts to work, soon I've got to chuck all that aside and be a corporate guy. Part of me is like, "Hoooyahhh!! New clothes" while another is like "Shit la! Gotta spend so much". Other then clothes, there's like so much more expenditure. Gym, car, food, outing..damn. Hope I survive this couple of months. Budget forecast, "Doomed!".

3rd, not…

Dude, where's my lamp?

Hye ya folks. Its October. As if you didn't know that already huh. Oh well just some story mory to tell. Its going to be a slightly longer post. So you better stop right here if you don't intend to bore yourself with boring stuff. Kapish?

So, on Saturday (yes the most recent Saturday) I was invited by a friend (Ok lets call him Arc Angel. If you're reading this, the name suggestion you gave, doesn't work! LOL!) Arc Angel to a musical theatre production which was held at Monash University. It was a production by the Monash Performing Arts Club. Since I do love theatre (was active for 3 years during my Uni times in theatre production) I couldn't say no to him. So just some recap of the theatre and if there was another run, I would definitely watch it again. So let me shoot.

The show was called 'Dude, where's my lamp?' and it certainly did stick up to its name. The theatre was a musical mash up of different famous Disney princess and non-princes characters…

Hate pulling strings

If you want it say it. If you don't want it say it. Be bold and take that step. Don't keep pushing around. For a moment it's alright. But if it gets a little too long. It's not fun anymore. Hate pulling strings.

Hye ya folks. Its Friday again. How I just wish everyday was Friday. Not Saturday. Coz I don't get excited for Saturdays. Just Fridays. I don't eat at Fridays often since the serving dropped in size. But Fridays are good for coffee. Anyway happy Friday people! If you love Friday say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!"

It has been a smooth week so far. Everything is finally settled, actually around 80% I would say. Now is just the time to clean up everything.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I dropped a bomb in my team. It wasn't an atomic type since nobody drop dead and woke up again looking mutated and stuff. I should have made it as such but I was too kind. Oh I'm just so kind. 'L' to the face. So what I did was, I handed in my resig…

Was I exposed????

Happy Tuesday folks. Even if you're not happy, be happy. Or smile. Since its good for your heart and soul. *Gcheezzeee*

Anyway was in the office damn early today. Around 6.45am. Yes I've made history! The earliest I was in last time was around 7.30am. Hahaha. Decided to come in early so that I won't have to replace hours since I'm going off early today. (its so nice to work in a flexi environment but still........) Will be meeting the agent to get the documents and discuss some issues before we move on. Hope it goes well.

That aside, last night I was looking for some letter and I couldn't find it. Ask mom if she seen it but she said no. Then she started looking round high and low for it. Before I went for my daily routine, I told her its ok. There's no need to look for it, I'll do it instead when I get back. So before I left, my office hand carry was placed on the chair, zipped up. I always zip my bags because I don't like people peeing into my bags and…

Adele - Skyfall - 007

Its Friday folks! Any reason to be happy or excited? If you are, good for you. Stay happy and proud shall we? :)

So James Bond just turned 50 today. Happy Birthday sweetie. We shall dine later tonight alright? A simple one will do. Maybe some mamak around KL.

Skyfall 007 will soon be out. But what's more exciting is the theme song for it. I guess you should know by now (unless you're not a fan..hahaha) that the theme song is co-written and performed by the none other then husky full of soul singer, Adele! I would say its one of the best Bond theme songs ever. Like ever!

Just listen to it. What you think?

Adele performing Skyfall

Been blasting it over the heads for times after times...

p.s. - Pull the plug

Polly wants a cracker? Not Jolly was a crackhead

Take your cat for a walk. Make your dog purr with pleasure. Give your fish a good bubble bath. Give your hamster an iPod. Teach your rabbit the Gangnam style. Maybe just ask the tortoise to take out the trash. What ever you do, treat them well today (not just today ok! everyday of your life!) because its World Animal Day!! To my dear 3 little angels (sometimes devils).............HWAD!

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of you suffer from this weird thingy. Do you produce static? Like you know, rubbing = friction = static? Ok. I sure have lots of static in me. Not claiming to be a super hero wannabe, but even my friends says that. Each time when I go out walking or anything (which involves movement), whenever I accidentally touch someone or anything steel, there's a sensation. Like an itsy bitsy super, like an ant bite (that's overly rated), jolt! (that's too much), static feel between me and the other person or whenever I touch a steel surface. (Am I like Wolverine? Storm? M…

My October Wish

No who. No when. No why. No Where.

October is here again folks. Aren't we all wishing that it'll be a good one? I sure do. Another 2 months it'll be a new year. New resolutions (haven't even completed this year's resolutions). New beginning. New life. New person. Would there be a new me? Well I'm not sure. Will have to wait and see on the 1st of January 2013 then. Hahaha.

My only wish for October is to start a fresh new career. I've been trying for months and so far there's been ups and downs. Almost got my break in the world of writting but my lack of experience got the better of me (but I'll still try to get back to it). So this month I'm hoping for a better one.
Someone once said that if you find your self running out of luck, take a dip at the beach. Well I've did just that! Haha. Well it might sound superstitious, but its this kind of superstitions that makes one to believe in something they do.

What's your October wish?

Christina Ag…


Ok. So it took me almost a week to actually write this post. Haha. Not that I'm busy but its because I'm lazy. Sorry mama. So back to business.

Last week, went on a 4 day trip with a couple of moi friends across the vast ocean on to an island. Well it is an island anyway. Although it didn't really fell like it. City of cats! Meoww.. Hahaha. Its my 2nd time there. The 1st was during my intern-ship which was just a one night only stay at Hilton. So for this trip, well, its supposed to be a budget holiday so stay at an Inn. Anyway here's how it went.

1st day. Took off with AirAsia. Honestly, it was my 1st time flying with AA. It actually kinda shocked me to the bones on how the service was. No wonder its called a budget airline. I still can't get over the fact that the stewardess actually went up down the aisle asking for rubbish while holding a black plastic (those rubbish type). Hahaha. Well you get what you paid for right? So no complaints. On the 1st day, arrived,…