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Animal zodiac story *wink

Hye people. Its officially the Dragooooon year. Whenever people ask me, "are you born in the year of the Dragooooon?". I would say yes but then, I'll stop. I'll give an anwer which is so rare. The answer is, "I guess I'm kinda but not really". So what's the reason.

Ok here it goes. This was way back in 1988. The year I was born. So the story begins like this. (get your popcorns ready, but don't pop your cherries..haha).

According to my grandma or popo, I'm not exactly a Dragon, but instead I'm actually a half breed (ok sounds scaryy) Dragon. Seriously, I didn't know there's such thing. Hahahaha. So my popo said, I'm a half Dragon and half Rabbit. How's that? Well it seems my zodiac is made of a Dragon head and a rabbit's tail. So how is that possible you might ask? Well, it only happens when you're born between 2 years. So I'm guessing that I was stuck between the Rabbit year and also the Dragoooooon. Hahaha.

HAppy CHinese NEw YEar

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!
An early wish to all those celebrating it. Collect lots of ang pau. I'm gonna try to collect extra more this year if possible. Hahaha!

Can't wait for tomorrow. A one day trip down really south. =p

Run run run...

Its Friday! So bloody fast! Still recall my last Friday activity. Gosh! Its Friday! (okay enough with the emo excited stuff..back to business)

Just realise something bad has happen to me. Its so bad, I'm guessing it might cost the economy millions. No! Maybe billions or trillions! Why oh why? Why?

I need to get a new sport shoe!

Yes its a sad day for me =( Truly deeply (just a metaphor la).

As you know, I've been quite active with my jogging activity lately. Actually since Dec last year I was (few months before that too with a few weeks break in between..haha). Due to that, my current shoe (which I love so much..because of the price RMXXX.$$ and my fav brand) has finally decided to bid farewell to me. I can still use it, but maybe, surely it won't last long. Hmmmmm. Just when I thought I could be saving, but instead it seems I might need to spend again.

What brand that's long lasting and good? Need to scout round for another good one that can last as long as my curren…

Learn to accept it.

Trying to be serious today. But still I can't be. Damn! Hahaha.

Yesterday had a hang-out time with a friend at my favourite place which is Nirvana (not that Nirvana where you lay your loved ones ok!) Sri Maju. I just love the place for its not expensive tasty food. Sluuurrrrpp. I HEART the teh tarik there! Also not forgetting the banana leaf rice (yes I've had a little too much..gotta work extra hard later to get rid of those fatty fat out..hahaha). Its easy to find. You see a shop with lots of people in it, in front of BSV2, that's the place.

<Warning please stop reading from here onwards if you're not ready for some boring stuff>

So we were just hanging out and talking bout stuff, mostly my stuff 'cause currently I'm in such a dilemma over what I really wanna do for a livin'. So the night was full of my scripts for an upcoming drama (notttt!!). Just talking about it made me realise something. Not everything in life is easy, or with a snap of the fin…


Lets talk about colours. So what colour or colours to you like or love? Well for me its black tones, earth tones, pastel tones, but not super bright colours or those that make me look weird in any kind of way ;)

So how many of you (I mean guys..girls you can just read la..hehe) wear pink? It can be any shade of pink as long its pink. (put your hands up so I can count 'em ya..thanks!) I know I do! But I guess there's some stigma I might say, that when it comes to guys wearing pink, people will say that "oh he's a sure sissy or worse he's gay!". Come on! Pink is the new black! Besides metro or hetro (am I right) guys also wear pink. Plus pink is considered to be sexy for a guy. So guys, drapes those pink shirts, T or what ever on. Pink is not just a colour, but a fashion statement. Don't be shy with pink, but be brave and remember, it attracts attention for those attention seekers. hahaha.

Telco or Hellco?

Morning people. Selamat pagi Malaysia! So it was a wet morning but well, won't let it get to me ya?

1stly, it's kind of a furious morning for me. Stupid MAXIS (dear Maxis if you're reading this please do contact me ya) network was giving me hell of a problem. Its not the 1st time its happening, but a few 100 times ever since I started using their postpaid service. The network always goes from Maxis 3G, to Maxis EDGE, then to Maxis edge, Maxis GSM, finally SOS! Oh come on! The worst part is that, it happens only in the least expected place which is CBJ. WTH??!

Do any of you Maxis user experience this kinda stuff? Seriously, I might consider another telco.


Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni...CNY is around the corner. I'm guessing lots of male and female out there, are working very hard every night, to get little Dragooooooooon babies. "Beware dragon babies are fierce because I'm one of them too"..hahaha

So (why do I always start my sentence with 'so'? it does get kinda, today's entry will be a short one, which I'm hoping it would be la.

"Don't assume, but think. Not everything is about you, me, us or we. Look at the bigger picture. Life is short. No point in wasting time on every small matter."

The grass may not be always green on the other side, but at least it's not brown or dried up right? (what the hell am I crapping about here? no idea!).

13 days for an important date. 17 days for an important event.

Good news hope it leads to great news ;)

Its the 3rd week of 2012! How fast is that? I can still remember the 3rd week in 2011 (not really..haha)!!

Ok. I'll make this short. So, last Friday night or should I say morning la coz it was like 2/3 am, I received an exciting or maybe a thrilling or should I say a shocking email! It was something I did not expect at all. Gosh! Seriously, the moment I read it, my hands were so cold (it could break off). It was nerve wrecking! But I manage to control myself, and not to let it get to my head. I read it with pure joy and excitement but at the same time worried. Who knows what might happen? But I'm just crossing my fingers for it. I really need all the luck I could get! Anything can happen that's for sure. Praying for the best!

crazynote: I can't say what is it yet. It's just not the right moment yet. But a change will be good.

Friday the 13th!

Its Friday, & hoping it'll be a lovely day too! Xoxo to those out there who ever you are. Lol. Oh ya its also FRIDAY the 13TH!! Wooooooooo................. To learn more click here =D

So back to what I was suppose to crap. Here it goes. Have you heard people saying these 2 particular words: Social & Anti-Social? Well, I've heard of it a lot & honestly, I'm not sure why people are trying to make a big deal about it.
Some people are born without any sense of being social, while some are just born to be extremely social. It seems, if you hardly mix around or join a conversation you're called anti-social. Oh come on people! Wake up & smell the potion. Have a life please! Then there are those who party hard, or meet lots of people are called very social people. So you mean, everyone needs to party like zoo animals to be called being social? Haha.
There are times even me myself, can be a little anti-social depending on my mood. Yes I've ignore conversatio…

Verdict: Free as he can be.

So, hows the day going? I know! Its been freaking hot right? They call it the CNY weather I guess.

Today is 'the' day I bet many if not some M'sians will remember. The long, actually very long, 2 years trial of DS Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) who was charge of sodomising (click here to understand what sodomy is =p) Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has FINALLY ended! The VERDICT?? Well DSAI is a freeman! I guess the opposition must be really happy about it, & so does the govertment I guess. If DSAI's not around & being stuck in jail, where's the fun in the M'sian political scene right? Haha.

Well, as a person who doesn't care much about politics, this was quite a nice case to follow. So much drama. Maybe they should consider a movie for it, I bet it make big bucks bucks bucks. Haha.

Now the only question is, where would Saiful place his face or dignity I might just say? I mean after all the DNA thingy, samples taken from his you know what, and finally losing out, i…

Salah sangka

Hye darlings. How ya doing at this hour?
Lets talk about being good or bad shall we? When you do good, you get back good. You do bad, you get it bad back at you. The worst feeling you could get is when you actually do and meant well or good, but the other party thinks that you're actually doing something bad. People assume what ever you say or do, is bad and not to their benefit. So how are you to do good when all the other party can think of is, you're doing it bad?

ps - don't judge what others say but actually sit and back reflect 1st before you act.


Hye there beautiful humans. Always stay beautiful ok!

Have you ever had people going round spreading rumours about you which are totally ain't true? And there are those not so smart people who would just believe every word those stupid people would say? Well, been there, went through it, and its a real pain to have those kind of people around.
Please don't spread fake rumours if it true or worst its to bring others down. Those who believe it are real suckers!

27 days to go!


Hye peeps! Its 2012 already. How did you celebrate your Christmas & New Year's Eve/Day? Well don't ask about mine, it was fun & nice. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (although I'm 5 days late..hahaha who cares right?)

I'm so hoping this year would be a better year for me. 2011 was a real screwed up year, so bye bye to you.

Oh ya, 29 days more to go for my big day! Gosh can't believe it.

Lets start 2012 fresh!

(does this pic look fresh? Not!