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Hye peeps! Its 2012 already. How did you celebrate your Christmas & New Year's Eve/Day? Well don't ask about mine, it was fun & nice. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (although I'm 5 days late..hahaha who cares right?)

I'm so hoping this year would be a better year for me. 2011 was a real screwed up year, so bye bye to you.

Oh ya, 29 days more to go for my big day! Gosh can't believe it.

Lets start 2012 fresh!

(does this pic look fresh? Not!


  1. happy new year ( better late than never ;p )
    29 days to ur birthday?

  2. 29 days more u gonna be OLD! haha

  3. Danny - Ya la...Getting older by the year.. =p

    Amin - make sure u're off that day!


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