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Animal zodiac story *wink

Hye people. Its officially the Dragooooon year. Whenever people ask me, "are you born in the year of the Dragooooon?". I would say yes but then, I'll stop. I'll give an anwer which is so rare. The answer is, "I guess I'm kinda but not really". So what's the reason.

Ok here it goes. This was way back in 1988. The year I was born. So the story begins like this. (get your popcorns ready, but don't pop your cherries..haha).

According to my grandma or popo, I'm not exactly a Dragon, but instead I'm actually a half breed (ok sounds scaryy) Dragon. Seriously, I didn't know there's such thing. Hahahaha. So my popo said, I'm a half Dragon and half Rabbit. How's that? Well it seems my zodiac is made of a Dragon head and a rabbit's tail. So how is that possible you might ask? Well, it only happens when you're born between 2 years. So I'm guessing that I was stuck between the Rabbit year and also the Dragoooooon. Hahaha.

So don't play with me ya! I can hop but I breath fire. LoL. I wonder it looks like? =p

Any other weirder stuff?