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Friday the 13th!

Its Friday, & hoping it'll be a lovely day too! Xoxo to those out there who ever you are. Lol. Oh ya its also FRIDAY the 13TH!! Wooooooooo................. To learn more click here =D

So back to what I was suppose to crap. Here it goes. Have you heard people saying these 2 particular words: Social & Anti-Social? Well, I've heard of it a lot & honestly, I'm not sure why people are trying to make a big deal about it.
Some people are born without any sense of being social, while some are just born to be extremely social. It seems, if you hardly mix around or join a conversation you're called anti-social. Oh come on people! Wake up & smell the potion. Have a life please! Then there are those who party hard, or meet lots of people are called very social people. So you mean, everyone needs to party like zoo animals to be called being social? Haha.
There are times even me myself, can be a little anti-social depending on my mood. Yes I've ignore conversations or parties as well, but not that I don't like to social but more of because I've got things on my mind or better things to do.
So how do you know being which is right or wrong? Being too social can be wrong, & being not so social can also be wrong. I guess the only way to be categorise as social, is to meet every Tom, Dick & Harry in town ait? Hahaha.

Ps-just voicing an opinion.


  1. aku tak akan dapat menodai engkau!

  2. i'm a self claimed anti-social person .. and the people surrounding me seems to agree with me :))

  3. Bibi - apa?

    Danny - hahaha..sometimes its good to be anti-social then overly social.. :)


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