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Good news hope it leads to great news ;)

Its the 3rd week of 2012! How fast is that? I can still remember the 3rd week in 2011 (not really..haha)!!

Ok. I'll make this short. So, last Friday night or should I say morning la coz it was like 2/3 am, I received an exciting or maybe a thrilling or should I say a shocking email! It was something I did not expect at all. Gosh! Seriously, the moment I read it, my hands were so cold (it could break off). It was nerve wrecking! But I manage to control myself, and not to let it get to my head. I read it with pure joy and excitement but at the same time worried. Who knows what might happen? But I'm just crossing my fingers for it. I really need all the luck I could get! Anything can happen that's for sure. Praying for the best!

crazynote: I can't say what is it yet. It's just not the right moment yet. But a change will be good.


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