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Learn to accept it.

Trying to be serious today. But still I can't be. Damn! Hahaha.

Yesterday had a hang-out time with a friend at my favourite place which is Nirvana (not that Nirvana where you lay your loved ones ok!) Sri Maju. I just love the place for its not expensive tasty food. Sluuurrrrpp. I HEART the teh tarik there! Also not forgetting the banana leaf rice (yes I've had a little too much..gotta work extra hard later to get rid of those fatty fat out..hahaha). Its easy to find. You see a shop with lots of people in it, in front of BSV2, that's the place.

<Warning please stop reading from here onwards if you're not ready for some boring stuff>

So we were just hanging out and talking bout stuff, mostly my stuff 'cause currently I'm in such a dilemma over what I really wanna do for a livin'. So the night was full of my scripts for an upcoming drama (notttt!!). Just talking about it made me realise something. Not everything in life is easy, or with a snap of the finger you'll get them. Failure is a must. Being critise is a must. People calling you names is a must. Words downgrading you is a must. There's always a must in what ever happens. But never giving up is a must too!

When we get something, we want more. Always asking but hardly giving.

So just gonna go with the flow.