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Lets talk about colours. So what colour or colours to you like or love? Well for me its black tones, earth tones, pastel tones, but not super bright colours or those that make me look weird in any kind of way ;)

So how many of you (I mean guys..girls you can just read la..hehe) wear pink? It can be any shade of pink as long its pink. (put your hands up so I can count 'em ya..thanks!) I know I do! But I guess there's some stigma I might say, that when it comes to guys wearing pink, people will say that "oh he's a sure sissy or worse he's gay!". Come on! Pink is the new black! Besides metro or hetro (am I right) guys also wear pink. Plus pink is considered to be sexy for a guy. So guys, drapes those pink shirts, T or what ever on. Pink is not just a colour, but a fashion statement. Don't be shy with pink, but be brave and remember, it attracts attention for those attention seekers. hahaha.


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