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Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni...CNY is around the corner. I'm guessing lots of male and female out there, are working very hard every night, to get little Dragooooooooon babies. "Beware dragon babies are fierce because I'm one of them too"..hahaha

So (why do I always start my sentence with 'so'? it does get kinda, today's entry will be a short one, which I'm hoping it would be la.

"Don't assume, but think. Not everything is about you, me, us or we. Look at the bigger picture. Life is short. No point in wasting time on every small matter."

The grass may not be always green on the other side, but at least it's not brown or dried up right? (what the hell am I crapping about here? no idea!).

13 days for an important date. 17 days for an important event.


  1. hmm .. dun really understand what u r trying to say .. but i still stick to my guess on ur big thing :)

    btw, my world is always about ME, Me and Me only .. ok? ;p

  2. actually i also dont know what im saying in this post. hahaha. just some random weird

  3. Amir - don't mess with dragon babies..hahaha


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