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Run run run...

Its Friday! So bloody fast! Still recall my last Friday activity. Gosh! Its Friday! (okay enough with the emo excited stuff..back to business)

Just realise something bad has happen to me. Its so bad, I'm guessing it might cost the economy millions. No! Maybe billions or trillions! Why oh why? Why?

I need to get a new sport shoe!

Yes its a sad day for me =( Truly deeply (just a metaphor la).

As you know, I've been quite active with my jogging activity lately. Actually since Dec last year I was (few months before that too with a few weeks break in between..haha). Due to that, my current shoe (which I love so much..because of the price RMXXX.$$ and my fav brand) has finally decided to bid farewell to me. I can still use it, but maybe, surely it won't last long. Hmmmmm. Just when I thought I could be saving, but instead it seems I might need to spend again.

What brand that's long lasting and good? Need to scout round for another good one that can last as long as my current one did ;)