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Telco or Hellco?

Morning people. Selamat pagi Malaysia! So it was a wet morning but well, won't let it get to me ya?

1stly, it's kind of a furious morning for me. Stupid MAXIS (dear Maxis if you're reading this please do contact me ya) network was giving me hell of a problem. Its not the 1st time its happening, but a few 100 times ever since I started using their postpaid service. The network always goes from Maxis 3G, to Maxis EDGE, then to Maxis edge, Maxis GSM, finally SOS! Oh come on! The worst part is that, it happens only in the least expected place which is CBJ. WTH??!

Do any of you Maxis user experience this kinda stuff? Seriously, I might consider another telco.