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Verdict: Free as he can be.

So, hows the day going? I know! Its been freaking hot right? They call it the CNY weather I guess.

Today is 'the' day I bet many if not some M'sians will remember. The long, actually very long, 2 years trial of DS Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) who was charge of sodomising (click here to understand what sodomy is =p) Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has FINALLY ended! The VERDICT?? Well DSAI is a freeman! I guess the opposition must be really happy about it, & so does the govertment I guess. If DSAI's not around & being stuck in jail, where's the fun in the M'sian political scene right? Haha.

Well, as a person who doesn't care much about politics, this was quite a nice case to follow. So much drama. Maybe they should consider a movie for it, I bet it make big bucks bucks bucks. Haha.

Now the only question is, where would Saiful place his face or dignity I might just say? I mean after all the DNA thingy, samples taken from his you know what, and finally losing out, it sure must have been a real blow. But M'sians are forgiving & loving, I'm sure he'll be back to normal like everybody else. Peace.