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Erykah Badu

Hello fellow Malaysians. Looks like another "entertainment tragedy" has struck the country. The Erykah Badu "tattoo" issue.

First (from what I know) it happened with the Mariah Carey concert where she was not allowed to wear those sexy outfit (but she actually wore them during here Arab concert tour). Then there was the Beyonce out-break and all, because she was too sexy. After that it was the Elton John tour which made headlines from the Opposition for his sexuality. Now it seems to be because of a photo published by a local news paper that has made an issue.

In my opinion, yes Erykah Badu might be wrong in having those drawings but, if you ask me is wasn't her fault at all. She's having it for something in what she believes in. She did not know of the Malaysian culture here. So why ban her?

The main people to be blame here is none other then The Star. The Editor for that write-up should've known the effects and think twice before releasing an article. If it wasn't for that photo published, maybe none of this Erykah Badu issue would crop up, don't you think?

Well, at least Malaysia would be on the world entertainment map again. Bravo!