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Just a quickie: 101

Hye boys & girls of all ages. Please do step right in. Don't be affraid. I don't bite, but I do nibble. Hahaha.


"Pop princess Mizz Kylie Minogue is set to perform in KL next month (which is March for those who lost touch of date & time) for the F1 Rocks concert!. Seriously, I'll make a date with her. I'm not a superb fan of her, but I do love her songs which are upbeat & cool. Anyone wants to join? Can't wait for the ticket annoucement next week."

It feels good!


  1. really? OMG...
    but dun think i will go.. cos the show will be fully censored :(
    but if got free tix, lain cerita ;p

  2. yup if i'm not wrong its on the 23 or 24..
    sure will censore but its more for her music la..hehe..


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