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Numbers or sincerity?

Again its Friday for the month of February. How was January? Its was fun for my =D

I was browsing on a social site earlier when suddenly something caught my eye while I was scrolling. I saw a person made a statement of saying "....had received XXX number of wishes...still waiting and see how much will get..." Seriously, I was not shocked but surprise to see that statement. Its seems, the number matters compared to the sincerity of those wishes. Its like, the more you get, it shows how popular you are? Maybe it was just a fun or joking statement but, it shows the type of person you are.
Well, I'm saying just as an opinion of mine that's all.
So which is more important? Numbers or sincerity?

p/s: reminding myself to talk about CNY at least a bit. lol.


  1. of cos sincerity la.. hated those fwd sms..
    it's the same theory for fb frenlist..
    long list but not necessary know all of them, kan?

  2. totaly agree with the fb part..i do get that


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