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Thursday...what a day

Hello Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Versace, and all those expensive brands. Love ya'all. Hahaha.

What a hectic week it has been! Actually not that hectic. Just that, I've got 1001 things to do at work. Broken my own record. Working for 12 hours straight on Tuesday, plus its going to happen again today. No choice right? Work is work. It sucks! =p The bad thing about it is, its going to go on for another 5 weeks. Oh mummy help me! Due to all this working shoot, I've been stuffing my face with food. Got to cut down on the intake, otherwise I won't look great on the beach anymore. LOL! (please don't vomit blood will ya?)

Gossip boy, xoxo (ewwwwwww)


  1. juts switch the food to something healthy..
    then u can still stuff food in ur face and remain healthy and slim :)
    hv a great week


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