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I am Unique

I am 
unique único unieke եզակի unikal унікальны অনন্য уникален únic 独特 jedinstven unikátní unikke uniek unika kakaiba უნიკალური einzigartig μοναδικός अद्वितीय einstök unik uathúil ユニークな 유일한 Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel единствен Alpha uniku
unigryw độc đáo

Stalking - Stalker la

All the souls out there. How have things been going? So far so good? (lame answer..LOL).

So have you got to know someone or anyone who has so much interest in you that, what ever you do, he/she will read every post on your FB,Twitter, Google+ or any other sites which you can name it (blog included as well) ? Well, if you do, then I'm not the only one. Haha.

Seriously its nice to know someone has a big interest in your life, but it can get a little scary at times. It could lead to brain damage! (not yourself, I mean the person who's interested with you). There's a fine line between trying to get to know a person more and actually or literally following a person life from A-Z. Its called "STALKING". 

So do you stalk? Do you actually stalk?

Forget & don't bother

An-yŏng-hi ju-mu-shŏ-ssŏ-yo. Chal ji-nae-shŏ-ssŏ-yo?

Did any of you understood that? LOL!. Well just google it.

This week has been such a tiring week so far. I've been getting late like an hour everyday. Seriously, its true! Not faking anything. What's been happening with my biological clock? Maybe I need to send my self to the mechanic to replace any old part.

I still can't get over the fact that what you say, can hardly be trusted anymore. But not just me, even the others. So the more you lie, the more people don't trust a single word you speak.

I think I fall too easily for people who are just too sweet or too hard to believe sometimes. Got to stop that habit.

Finally I've contacted a friend whom almost a year I've not heard from. Shall hang-out more often.

FYI, I'm not avoiding, I just need space and time. But if you're thinking otherwise, oh well, too bad.

Speak your mind, speak the truth. Speak with action, speak not just words..

p.s. - a summary …


How are my little darlings doing today? Any new stories to share? Don't worry. Just drop a link and I'll stalk you down like a crow. Ok that sound a little scary to me.

Have you ever had to answer questions which you just wouldn't want to answer? The most frequent question I'm guessing all of you might get is, who's/where's your mr/mrs perfect? Right? Right? Don't say no okay. I know the answer. Hahahaha.

Yeah who doesn't want a mr/mrs perfect. Everyone does. No single ladies/mens very Friday/Saturday night. Doing everything with a someone. Even feeding each other in public. Ok that was a little over.

Well, what's the rush right? It's like this for me.
 "I'm not rushing for the bus. I'm just waiting for the bus to arrive. If its the correct bus that I'm suppose to board, then I'll hop onto it."

Sentap aka touchy

Greeting fellow earthlings. I blog in peace. No means of eating your soul. Okay. What am I crapping about huh?

Sentap. What does it mean? It means, being touchy or sensitive for no proper reason. Even the smallest matter could become a big deal, until it jeopardises a certain relationship between two sides. So how do you work out this problem? The best way, is to just ignore.


Who loves to fly? I know I do. I just love being on a plane. Not sure why, but just love it. Minus those might happen stuff, but positive shall we.

So this is just to share something with you guys. If like it, just say yes. If no, just well be silent. Kapish??

So, the last time I've flown on MAS (Malaysia Airlines) was to Kuching. (damn the ticket wasn't cheap..RM1200++..but luckily it was a sponsored flight..haha). Well, my next experience would be in June/July. More stories later. Hehehe.

Its seems a new image is already being made by MAS. Which to me its really cool, plus adds a touch of class and glam. Not sure why they're some who dislike it, but if change is to bring more good, then why not, since MAS hasn't being doing that well this few years.

Simplicity speaks louder than complexity.

The livery just looks awesome!

Business minded

Bill Gates or Donald Trump? Which you choose to be our business idol? Me? I think none. I want to be my own business idol.

So in order to be my own business idol, I got to start somewhere right? So I've decided to start now. =D Oh no I'm not opening a shop (yet), but I'm starting somewhere small and easy 1st. If it goes well, then who knows, I might have a shop in the future. Do watch out for the coming weeks. Its not something to shout about, but, at least its a steping stone to somewhere. What I'm doing? Well just wait and see!

Crossing fingers, hope it works out well.

Personal issues

Hye hye..hi hi..hai hai.. How's the world been? How's March been? So far so good for me.

Recently there's been lots of going on around me. Lots of new hot stories as usual. Lots of rumors going round too. Lots of story telling from Mama bear to Papa bear all those sort. But the most hottest topic among all those stories, are related to personal issues. Well, like what? Well, like telling people things that are not real, or actually making false stories, just to save some "water face aka air muka" or should I say, ego? Or maybe just some "standard" issue. If you ask me, going round making stories, especially about yourself, is not about trying to be someone, but its more of having a really big fat ass personal issues. Its like you're not comfortable in your own skin.

In your opinion, why do people make up stories about them selves?


Finally its Friday plus its a new month too. One month to go before I revisit that place.

I can't wait for the white sandy beaches. Strong sea breeze blowing through my hair. The smell of salty sea air. Swing on a hammock hung from two coconut trees. Watching girls and guys tanning their skin. Volleyball by the beach. Beach party by night.