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Who loves to fly? I know I do. I just love being on a plane. Not sure why, but just love it. Minus those might happen stuff, but positive shall we.

So this is just to share something with you guys. If like it, just say yes. If no, just well be silent. Kapish??

So, the last time I've flown on MAS (Malaysia Airlines) was to Kuching. (damn the ticket wasn't cheap..RM1200++..but luckily it was a sponsored flight..haha). Well, my next experience would be in June/July. More stories later. Hehehe.

Its seems a new image is already being made by MAS. Which to me its really cool, plus adds a touch of class and glam. Not sure why they're some who dislike it, but if change is to bring more good, then why not, since MAS hasn't being doing that well this few years.

Simplicity speaks louder than complexity.

The livery just looks awesome!