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How are my little darlings doing today? Any new stories to share? Don't worry. Just drop a link and I'll stalk you down like a crow. Ok that sound a little scary to me.

Have you ever had to answer questions which you just wouldn't want to answer? The most frequent question I'm guessing all of you might get is, who's/where's your mr/mrs perfect? Right? Right? Don't say no okay. I know the answer. Hahahaha.

Yeah who doesn't want a mr/mrs perfect. Everyone does. No single ladies/mens very Friday/Saturday night. Doing everything with a someone. Even feeding each other in public. Ok that was a little over.

Well, what's the rush right? It's like this for me.
 "I'm not rushing for the bus. I'm just waiting for the bus to arrive. If its the correct bus that I'm suppose to board, then I'll hop onto it."


  1. it's a very good and positive statement with the bus thing..
    all the best waiting fro ur bus :)


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