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Personal issues

Hye hye..hi hi..hai hai.. How's the world been? How's March been? So far so good for me.

Recently there's been lots of going on around me. Lots of new hot stories as usual. Lots of rumors going round too. Lots of story telling from Mama bear to Papa bear all those sort. But the most hottest topic among all those stories, are related to personal issues. Well, like what? Well, like telling people things that are not real, or actually making false stories, just to save some "water face aka air muka" or should I say, ego? Or maybe just some "standard" issue. If you ask me, going round making stories, especially about yourself, is not about trying to be someone, but its more of having a really big fat ass personal issues. Its like you're not comfortable in your own skin.

In your opinion, why do people make up stories about them selves?