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Stalking - Stalker la

All the souls out there. How have things been going? So far so good? (lame answer..LOL).

So have you got to know someone or anyone who has so much interest in you that, what ever you do, he/she will read every post on your FB,Twitter, Google+ or any other sites which you can name it (blog included as well) ? Well, if you do, then I'm not the only one. Haha.

Seriously its nice to know someone has a big interest in your life, but it can get a little scary at times. It could lead to brain damage! (not yourself, I mean the person who's interested with you). There's a fine line between trying to get to know a person more and actually or literally following a person life from A-Z. Its called "STALKING". 

So do you stalk? Do you actually stalk?


  1. nice post AD! i'm a astalker as well! (haha confession ke apa ni?)

  2. Dylla you are? OMG! Hahaha.. join the club..kekeke


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