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How things change

Hello my fellow humans. I come in peace!

Its been 2 weeks since I got back from my beach holiday. Still having the post beach syndrome. My sunny tanned beach skin is wearing off. I need to get back under the sun. =D

Back to the topic, ever wondered how things changed? I mean things as in people in this context of Earth language I'm speaking. LOL. I've always wondered why people change (good or bad). I mean, I do, did and still am changing from a caterpillar into a awesome dragonfly (butterfly is too cliche la). But people can change in just a blink of an eye (obviously it takes some weeks, months or years la) from a "Hi. How are you doing there?" to "................. (silence for a 1000 years)". Weird but true. Unique but common. There are those even you've known them for lets say 5 years +/-, still have the tendency to change from Lady Gaga to Ellen Degeneres. So its normal for people to change. Change is good. Lets change people! ;)

Bersih 3.0

What's will all the Bersih thingy?

Have they cleaned KL good enough? There's lots of rubbish you know. Gums stuck on chairs and all. Klang river really needs to be cleared people. I guess the goverment must have been making lots rubbish till they are in need to be cleaned I guess.

What has the government been doing?

What has the anti-government been doing?

What has the organiser of Bersih been doing?

What has the politicians been doing?

What has the people been doing?

I say you, you say me. You say them, they say us. So what are you going to say?

If you want change to happen, then make a change. The power is always in your hands.


Have you ever had a crush on someone? But knowing in the end, you'll just crash?
Well, honestly I'm having it, like right now! (oh dear super duper!) I mean the crush part not crash. But luckily I'm handling it like a man. I mean I'm not calling myself an adult (although I am), but I rather be a child *goo goo eyes*. No worries in the world. Just eat, poop, sleep and eat again then poop.

Why do we have crushes? I mean it'll just crash in the end if its just a crush right?

Alright I'm gonna catch Titanic 3D if that's the case. Alone! LOL.


As if things couldn't get any worse. It seems now, my external hd (aka harddisk) has decided to give me some pretty problem. Not some actually, major problem. All my precious memories, documents and all important stuff can't be access at all. It's actually so darn frustrating. The worse, nothing can be done except to get it reformated or pay someone to fix it which might cost me hundreds.

What do you do?

What do you do? What work you do? What is your work? What work is that? What kind of work you do? and all those what and where questions you get when someone starts to ask about you job.

So just to be a kind person, I shall answer all those what and where to them. But the worst part starts here. After I've given my answer, the response that I'll get is....

"Huh? I don't understand your work"

So I'll start to explain from A-Z what I do, everyday I'll be sitting at my desk reading awful tax and leg stuff (which is pretty brain consuming stuff) then bla bla bla bla. So at the end you'll be hoping for an answer like, "Oh like that. Now I get it.", but hye, I don't get that at all! I feel like pulling my hair strand by strand sometimes explaining. LOL.

Explaining what you do for a living can be so stressful. As if the work wasn't enough huh? Haha. These days, my easiest answer would be, "I'm working as a XXX at XXX. Don't kno…

Life in chapters

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Look at the bigger picture.


Was going through my FB friend list, you know clearing those unknown people, those "hi" then later senyap for a 1000 years.
Suddenly the chat box appeared. An old school mate buzz me. The usual, "hi. sihat? so long didn't chat. how are you?" those stuff. It didn't strike me until later till I realise something. The way he chatted was kind of weird or maybe I should say different. It was more of like, getting to know you and at the same time hitting on you that kind of way. Then there was this girl, school mate those days too, also had the similar way of chatting. Its been years since I've met these people.
So morale of the story here (although I'm not sure if it has any connection at all) it seems everyone has a little secret of their own. More of like 'SKELETONS'. I mean I do too. My cupboard, is filled with them. Hahahaha. Some could have turned to ashes too. LOL!

It could be dark, bright, white, pink, black or whatever colour, secrets are…

Proton Prevé

So Proton has unveiled its latest baby, the Proton Prevé (pronounce as Pray-vay..I think). It sure looks good! Cool exterior and interior. Price is a major plus point. For the specs it has, it sure it worth every penny. But only time will tell if its up to its name. I gotta get a closer look at it soon! Who knows, maybe I could influence someone to change a car..hehehe

Redang with love XOXO

Finally, I've updated a post of moi recent aka 1st trip of the year. Well, its not some superbly expensive island. Its just an island found here. Its just Redang. But I still love it!

It was an awesome trip! Although there were some dramas, but still was great. The water was superb. The company was superb too. Met new people. Manage to jump off a clift (actually more of being pushed off!). Missed the night life this trip, but no worries, will be back there for more.

The people there were superb too. Did some eye cleansing I would say. Hahaha. Lots of he and her there for you to feast your eyes on. LOL!

I can never get enough of Redang. Hye support local tourism industry la! :p

Some pics below. Sorry can't upload any beach shots...not suitable here...hehehe =p

Sun tanned. Sun burned. It was all worth it. =D

Journey: R _ _ _ _ _

Will be on my 1st trip for the year. Actually is more a 2nd if a one day (Singapore) trip was counted as well. LOL. Will be leaving KL tonight. Will be back to update you guys and gals with something spice and hot! =p

Till then, XOXO....

Don't come running

Do you feel disheartened at times when some people, well lets say you helped or maybe thought you could trust suddenly turn their backs on you for some unknown reason? Well, I do. I'm not being sensitive. You could do what ever you want for all I care, but sometimes a little gratitude would be nice. But well, humans are by far the most complicated mammal on Earth. So for April, I've decided to set a new rule for me. Ignorance is a bliss. I'm going to ignore and concentrate only on those who've been beside me, may it be family or friend.

I don't need a handful. Just teaspoon would do.