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Bersih 3.0

What's will all the Bersih thingy?

Have they cleaned KL good enough? There's lots of rubbish you know. Gums stuck on chairs and all. Klang river really needs to be cleared people. I guess the goverment must have been making lots rubbish till they are in need to be cleaned I guess.

What has the government been doing?

What has the anti-government been doing?

What has the organiser of Bersih been doing?

What has the politicians been doing?

What has the people been doing?

I say you, you say me. You say them, they say us. So what are you going to say?

If you want change to happen, then make a change. The power is always in your hands.


  1. 'The Power is always in your hand' - I like!

    The idea was good, but their implementation was unacceptable. It brings more harm than anything. Both side ckp sana cakap sini at last. Ugh. I'm sick. - Believe this. The power is always in your hand.

  2. Agree! You can do what you want or will, but you need to think of others. They should've seen it coming.


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