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Have you ever had a crush on someone? But knowing in the end, you'll just crash?
Well, honestly I'm having it, like right now! (oh dear super duper!) I mean the crush part not crash. But luckily I'm handling it like a man. I mean I'm not calling myself an adult (although I am), but I rather be a child *goo goo eyes*. No worries in the world. Just eat, poop, sleep and eat again then poop.

Why do we have crushes? I mean it'll just crash in the end if its just a crush right?

Alright I'm gonna catch Titanic 3D if that's the case. Alone! LOL.


  1. just enjoy the crush ( while it lasts la )
    u'll crash on it later :)

  2. A crush that you know you will end up in a crash later is always tragic but what Danny said, hahaha crush first, enjoy, n crash later!

  3. Danny - yeah I'm enjoying it currently, but rather not..hahaha..oh well..checking my airbags..LOL

    SW - its just too tragic! hahaha...making sure my seatbelt is working fine


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