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How things change

Hello my fellow humans. I come in peace!

Its been 2 weeks since I got back from my beach holiday. Still having the post beach syndrome. My sunny tanned beach skin is wearing off. I need to get back under the sun. =D

Back to the topic, ever wondered how things changed? I mean things as in people in this context of Earth language I'm speaking. LOL. I've always wondered why people change (good or bad). I mean, I do, did and still am changing from a caterpillar into a awesome dragonfly (butterfly is too cliche la). But people can change in just a blink of an eye (obviously it takes some weeks, months or years la) from a "Hi. How are you doing there?" to "................. (silence for a 1000 years)". Weird but true. Unique but common. There are those even you've known them for lets say 5 years +/-, still have the tendency to change from Lady Gaga to Ellen Degeneres. So its normal for people to change. Change is good. Lets change people! ;)


  1. sad but true. people do change.

    and people u know n u think u know well, after a few years (or not even) can change so much u sometimes wonder if it's u or them.

    hahaha but then again everything has to change. nothing is static.

    otherwise this world would be boring = )

    or dat's what i tthink hahah

  2. change-change-change!

    thanks for leaving your footprint!

  3. SH - so true. wouldn't want the world to be like that for life would we? hahaha. so shall we change? lets change... :D

    CP - changed! lol.. p.s. -no probs :D


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