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Redang with love XOXO

Finally, I've updated a post of moi recent aka 1st trip of the year. Well, its not some superbly expensive island. Its just an island found here. Its just Redang. But I still love it!

It was an awesome trip! Although there were some dramas, but still was great. The water was superb. The company was superb too. Met new people. Manage to jump off a clift (actually more of being pushed off!). Missed the night life this trip, but no worries, will be back there for more.

The people there were superb too. Did some eye cleansing I would say. Hahaha. Lots of he and her there for you to feast your eyes on. LOL!

I can never get enough of Redang. Hye support local tourism industry la! :p

Some pics below. Sorry can't upload any beach shots...not suitable here...hehehe =p

Sun tanned. Sun burned. It was all worth it. =D


  1. orang terengganu pun tak pernah sampai redang taw! humphhh! *jealous*

  2. These are absolutely amazing shots!!! Way to go!!!

  3. Thanks!! Still working on 'em. :)


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