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Was going through my FB friend list, you know clearing those unknown people, those "hi" then later senyap for a 1000 years.
Suddenly the chat box appeared. An old school mate buzz me. The usual, "hi. sihat? so long didn't chat. how are you?" those stuff. It didn't strike me until later till I realise something. The way he chatted was kind of weird or maybe I should say different. It was more of like, getting to know you and at the same time hitting on you that kind of way. Then there was this girl, school mate those days too, also had the similar way of chatting. Its been years since I've met these people.
So morale of the story here (although I'm not sure if it has any connection at all) it seems everyone has a little secret of their own. More of like 'SKELETONS'. I mean I do too. My cupboard, is filled with them. Hahahaha. Some could have turned to ashes too. LOL!

It could be dark, bright, white, pink, black or whatever colour, secrets are always better kept to yourself.