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What do you do?

What do you do? What work you do? What is your work? What work is that? What kind of work you do? and all those what and where questions you get when someone starts to ask about you job.

So just to be a kind person, I shall answer all those what and where to them. But the worst part starts here. After I've given my answer, the response that I'll get is....

"Huh? I don't understand your work"

So I'll start to explain from A-Z what I do, everyday I'll be sitting at my desk reading awful tax and leg stuff (which is pretty brain consuming stuff) then bla bla bla bla. So at the end you'll be hoping for an answer like, "Oh like that. Now I get it.", but hye, I don't get that at all! I feel like pulling my hair strand by strand sometimes explaining. LOL.

Explaining what you do for a living can be so stressful. As if the work wasn't enough huh? Haha. These days, my easiest answer would be, "I'm working as a XXX at XXX. Don't know what is that? Try Google-ing." with an evil smile at the end. LOL.

So do you have to explain stuff which no matter how you explain, people don't get it? LOL. Good luck to you.


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