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ABC in life

Its almost the end of the week. Is time moving faster this days? I wish I could do stuff like Inception (ok to much fantasy).

Ever since I completed my studies last year (I'm so missing it damn much), lots of things have change for me. The 3 years I had was just memorable and will never be forgotten. So much of ups and downs during that time. I wonder will I ever get the same experience if I were to continue again?

Life have changed drastically for me. Being from 1 to 2, then back to 1, then 2, then 1 again, then 2, until I just decided to stop it all and just be 1. Just needed a break from it all. Working life came as a surprise for me as I didn't expect to get any so soon, but it was good. Made me busy, and forget the things I should.

Family life also changed. Ever since the major conflict I had, the main support I got was from non other then my family. To my sis especially. She really helped a lot. I've realised how much actually I missed them and neglected them for some time.

Then there was the friendship part. Everyone became more busy with their own stories to tell and own journey to make. It was something we all expected. Everything would not be the same as the 3 years we had. But I'm happy and grateful to have known them. But there are somethings which are unavoidable (won't jump into that part).

Florence + The Machine performing Breath Of Life


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  2. sorry wrong comment there, hahaha anyway yea i kinda know ur feeling how things r always changing n u sometimes feel like...ahhhh u just wanna go back to the old times la!

    = ) yeah we tend to neglect our family sometimes even when they r our biggest support, but yea just do little things to make them happy im sure it'll make a difference. go back home during festive seasons, buy ur mom a present, or sumthing....or what she says n help her = ) n ur dad too! ^^

    1. (i think i know that comment was for who..hahaha)
      yeah..if only we could reverse time right

      yup so that's what i'm smiles to everyone.. :)

  3. well i've been hearing that from almost everybody that studying phase is much much more exciting than career. this is the only point i'm afraid of from entering the professional world. apart from that, i just can't wait to earn my own money and leave this freakin campus world ._.

    1. one more thing, cheer up, pal! each of us have our own highs and lows. sooner you'll be all set again ;)

    2. studying phase much more fun, but working you get the money you earn to spend...depends on how you look at things :)

      thanks alot! =D


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