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Breakfast in bed

How I wish I could sleep all day long in my bed.
How I wish I were the morning or night of someone in my head.
How I wish I woke up smelling the fresh salty air by the seaside.
How I wish I could take a sip of hot brew on the mountain side.
How I wish I could be Snow White with hair black as night.
How I wish I like Alice in Wonderland when nothing is ever right.
How I wish dreams I dreamed were like in those fairytales.
How I wish life were a fantasy of magical wonders.
How I wish everything was like in those movies we see at the cinemas.
How I wish everything is perfect like breakfast in bed.


  1. Beautiful words. Think lot of us wish what are u wishing for

  2. How i wish i had someone to hold till the morning twilight. :D


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